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Read This Young Act ‘Yung Cruiz’ Exclusive Interview (Must Read)

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Yung Cruiz
Gentleloaded love new talent, as we discover this new young boy name Yung Cruiz, we listen to his song to be drop titled One Time, we find out this boy he is talented singer. So we do interview for him.

Read it bellow!
Gentleloaded:- Can You Introduce Your self?
Yung Cruiz: My name is Antony Emmanuel, popularly known as yung cruiz

Gentleloaded:- Please can You tell us why you choosed Music
Yung Cruiz: I chose music because I love it, it has been my passion from my day one, my love for music is much

Gentleloaded:- Okay That Cool, You Said Your Name Is “Yung Cruiz” Can You Tell Us How You Got The Name?
Yung Cruiz: I got the name from my brother, and I love it
Cruiz was the name, so I added yung to make it my taste

Gentleloaded:- What Age You Start Your Music Carrier?
Yung Cruiz: I started music at the age of 4, but I had my first single at the age of 12

Gentleloaded:- Funny Tho, Your State Of Origin Pls?
Yung Cruiz: I’m from akwa ibom

Gentleloaded:- Ok, Have You In Any Way Performed On Stage?
Yung Cruiz: Yes, once At 3AD

Gentleloaded:- We are all Humans and we make mistake, How do You handle mistake while Recording song?
Yung Cruiz: I always take it as something that happens to everyone, and accept my mistakes, learn from it and retake it

Gentleloaded:- Who Were Your Mentor While Growing Up??
Yung Cruiz: Davido is my mentor

Gentleloaded:- What has been Your Greatest Joy since you Started Till Date?
Yung Cruiz: My greatest joy is my father, he allows me to do music and he support me too

Gentleloaded:- It was wonderful Having You Been Interviewed, if you were asked which of your Track to be featured On, which would it be?

Yung Cruiz: I will love ONE TIME to be there

Gentleloaded:- Smile, Where do you see yourself in 3yrs?
Yung Cruiz: I see my self in a bigger place, chilling with with the super star, because I would be a star by then

Gentleloaded:- Shoutout To Someone You Love As A Friend
Yung Cruiz: My shoutout goes to my dad and mum, I wanna say thank you for the support, opportunity given unto me to showcase my talent, and to mikky j and everyone that has been supporting the movement and also to

Yung Cruiz: You are welcome sir

Gentleloaded Media: Social Media Handle:
Facebook: yung Cruiz
Instagram: @just_yungcruiz

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