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Madness? As Popular Celebrity Confirmed Lesbian (Must Read)

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Sandra keys

The question is, Nigerian 14 year’s jail term are celebrities excluded? A long time suspected lesbian Sandra Keys a Lagos based musician, has finally comes out of her shell on her latest Facebook update, where she states “I am happy to be in love” then a suspected lesbian lover Paula Williams who’s status read American replied “Afulungi na Anya” an Igbo dialects which means I LOVE YOU. Got our correspondents wondering if she is a Nigerian Igbo precisely based in USA. Or the love bird has been doing a good job on teaching her the language, sandra keys who has been long suspected in being one of the bad egg after a lady tattooed her name on her hand, but it happened that the lady who was on a high least of her partner was among the people who asked her who she is in love with? A question which she is yet to answer upon on her many fans asking.

Paula williams


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