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Exclusive Interview With Kingwalexy

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Gentleloaded with Kingwalexy on a interview, check it out bellow!

Gentleloaded:- Can You Introduce Your self?
Whalexzy: Am Kingwalexy by name

Gentleloaded:- Please can You tell us why you choosed Music
Whalexzy: I chose music cos have always love rhyming songs and i love doing freestyle for my friends way back the in secondary school days

Gentleloaded:- Okay That Cool, You Said Your Name Is “Kingwalexy” Can You Tell Us How You Got The Name?
Whalexzy:- I got the name from my friend in school

Gentleloaded:- Funny Tho, Your State Of Origin Pls?
Whalexzy: Am from Ogun state

Gentleloaded:- Ok, Have You In Any Way Performed On Stage?
Whalexzy: Yes So many times

Gentleloaded:- We are all Humans and we make mistake, How do You handle mistake while Recording song?
Whalexzy: So many mistakes and corrections just like u say we are all humans and we make mistakes what matters most is how u correct it
I try correct my self from any mistakes for it not to repeat it self

Gentleloaded:- Who Were Your Mentor While Growing Up??
Whalexzy: R.I.P to the late dagrin that was who i looks up to and the like of Olamide,MI and Reminisce

Gentleloaded:- What has been Your Greatest Joy since you Started Till Date?
Whalexzy: That will be i never give up

Gentleloaded:- It was wonderful Having You Been Interviewed, if you were asked which of your Track to be featured On, which would it be?
Whalexzy: That will be my new single WellWell

Gentleloaded:- Smile, Where do you see yourself in 3yrs?
Whalexzy: In 3yrs to come i see my self as an artist other upcoming will love to be like and a mentor for the coming artist

Gentleloaded:- Shoutout To Someone You Love As A Friend
Whalexzy: I have so many friends so i will just say a big shout out to all my fans and everyone showing me love one way or the other

God bless u all and thanks to you people also for this interview

Social Media Handle

Facebook: akingbadeolawale

Instagram: @Kingwalexy

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