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🔥 Gentleloaded Exclusive Interview With Dj Yk Beats

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Gentleloaded Thursday exlusive with artist/dj goes to hit maker, multi talented act Dj/Producer Dj Yk Beats.

You want to know more about Dj Yk Beats, Kindly read the interview bellow!

Gentleloaded:- Can You Introduce Your self?
Dj Yk Beats: Well.I’m Dj Yk Beats ..Dj Producer

Gentleloaded:- Please can You tell us why you choosed Dj Producer?
Dj Yk Beats: I do love playing with drums when I was kid ..tho my mum didn’t like anything about musicians or DJs ..but I love this job because every time I listen to good vibes do motivate me .this is the reason why I choose to be a disk jockey and producer

Gentleloaded: Okay That Cool, You Said Your Name Is “Dj Yk Beats” Can You Tell Us How You Got The Name?
Dj Yk Beats: Well I started with Dj smile when I was at Abeokuta in 2010 I moved to Lagos 2011 continue with my Dj work but never be a producer then because so many things on man mind then …so when I get to Lagos I discover so many DJs are using my dj smile name I decided to change my name ..I was discussing on how to change the name with my official Mc ..Mc Bfm. Mean black funny man .he asked me to used Dj yka because my name its olayinka and people will know the full meaning when I tell them my name it’s Dj Yka …well I accepted and changed my name to Dj Yka ..after a few month changed it to Dj Yk so they can quick pronounce it..

After a few years .I started producing ..I produced like south African beat stuff …and its hot many Nigerian super star love it and they are all using it for there singles ..I drop so many hit beats back to back

Some of artist call me the beat master and some do call me baba beat some call me baba shaku shaku beat I changed my name to Dj Yk Beats . .that’s the last bustop if I may let the world know ..

Gentleloaded:- Funny Tho, Your State Of Origin Pls?
Dj Yk Beats: Originally from Abeokuta

Gentleloaded: We are all Humans and we make mistake, How do You handle mistake while cooking Beat?
Dj Yk Beats: Mistake??

Well i don’t think you can make mistake while doing beat because you know what exactly you wanna do and you what your artist need you know what you wanna give them ..the good sound hot beat ..I must confess you can’t make any single mistake while doing beat ..its only if your artist didn’t like the beat.then you have to do the person taste ..I didn’t say I can’t make a mistake while doing things but its not about doing beat..

Gentleloaded:- Who Were Your Mentor While Growing Up??
Dj Yk Beats: Acebors beats

Gentleloaded:- What has been Your Greatest Joy since you Started Till Date?
Dj Yk Beats: I don’t think so because god its still working so many things baba god still gonna do

Gentleloaded:- It was wonderful Having You Been Interviewed, if you were asked which of your Beats to be featured On, which would it be?
Dj Yk Beats: That should be south African beat style part2

Gentleloaded:- Smile, Where do you see yourself in 3yrs?
Dj Yk Beats: cant say that bro but we give god the glory where we are now ..iyanu masele soonest

Gentleloaded:- Shoutout To Someone You Love As A Friend
Dj Yk Beats: shout out to acebors beat …


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Facebook:  Dj Yk Beats


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