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Gentleloaded Exclusive Interview With Dj S-Jude

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Dj S-Jude
Gentleloaded exclusive interview goes to Dj S-Jude.

Read interview bellow;

Gentleloaded:- Can You Introduce Your self?
Dj S-Jude: Am Jidonu Oluwaseun From No 1 Akori Base Mowo Badagry Lagos State
Am into Djying,Graphic Design & Blogging well known as DJ S-JUDE

Gentleloaded:- Okay That Cool, You Said Your Name Is “Dj S-Jude” Can You Tell Us How You Got The Name?
Dj S-Jude:The Name Jude Is Derived from My Surname witch is Jidonu and d letter “S” that’s there stand for “SEUN” That what make it S-Jude

Gentleloaded:- Funny Tho, Your State Of Origin Pls?
Dj S-Jude: Ogun State

Gentleloaded:- Ok, Have You In Any Way Performed On Stage?
Dj S-Jude: Yeah Many Times
,Av performed on many shows like STREET CARNIVAL, CONCERT And Many More

Gentleloaded:- We are all Humans and we make mistake, How do You handle mistake while Recording DJ mixtape?
Dj S-Jude: Before Doing Dj Mixtape I practice the songs I wanna include for like 30 mnts to avoid mistakes and after Finishing the Mixtape am gonna Listens to it Like 4times If I found any Mistake on it I we re Record it and Add Effect to where D mistakes is

Gentleloaded:- Who Were Your Mentor While Growing Up??
Dj S-Jude: DJ K PLAY Is My Mentor he’s the one that do advise me on how life is and how to Handle some situations

Gentleloaded:- What has been Your Greatest Joy since you Started Till Date?
Dj S-Jude: My Greatest Joy Till date is that ” Am Moving Forward on My Work and God Never Failed me He’s always there for me anytime”

Gentleloaded:- It was wonderful Having You Been Interviewed, if you were asked which of your Mixtape to be featured On, which would it be?

Gentleloaded:- Smile, Where do you see yourself in 3yrs?
Dj S-Jude: Word 🌍 Super Star

Gentleloaded:- Shoutout To Someone You Love As A Friend
Dj S-Jude: My Shoutout Goes to “PETERKING YO”

Dj S-Jude: Thanks To Gentleloaded Media for the interview I pray for More Blessings,Sucess and the Media to blow to global

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