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FAST DOWNLOAD: Ebony6ix Ft. Felizy – Say Momma

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Say Momma
Ebony6ix comes again with  another  collaboration  with “FELIZY” after  the  release  of his hit track “GOBE LOVE ” in 2017, Another single ‘AMIN’ which  was released on 1st of January 2018, and a collaborates with  G-Classic ‘in “PARIWO” which  is storming  the  music world  presently; Here is another  super  jamnns  Song “SAY MAMA” collaborates with  Felizy.

Ebony6ix is a songwriter, after  a serious  thinking  he comes  up with  this  song  “Say Mama” describing  how he fall in love with a lady, describing  the  qualities  that attract  him  to the  lady and desperate  to  get down  with  her, the lady replied him by saying O boy calm down, I feel for you  too but  don’t  take me for a fool And things  getting  interesting…..

On Collaborating with Felizy, is what  have be wishing  for and later  comes  true because  she is a good  singer  and love her voice.. Sometimes in our leisure  time we talk about collaborating together  and I told her we will  work something out soon and we made up with ‘Say Mama’

The Song is produced by H-TEE, has a good  tempo and beats blending  it with  Felizy vocal voice which  gives a high  vibes of the  song  ‘ Say Mama’

You got  to  listen  to  this   fabulous  song 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Download  and share your  thought  below…..
DOWNLOAD Ebony6ix Ft. Felizy – Say Momma

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